About us

Sanjay Engineering Works is India's leading circlips, dowel pins and round wire rings manufacturer. Choose from our wide range and specification of circlips, dowel pins, washers and shims.

  • Circlips
  • E Rings
  • Star Washers
  • Springs Dowels (Hollow Split)
  • Various type of Fasteners (Sheet Metal)
  • Spring Washers

In our country different Industries following different standards such as ISI, DIN, BS, SAE etc. Depending on their needs and collaboration arrangements. In this catalogue, we have made an attempt to collect analyse and present otherwise scattered data so that the users of these products can be assisted for proper selection of sizes required by them. The data would also help the process of linking customers needs to establish standards. Individual needs could still be catered to as per customers drawings.

We specialize in jobs involving use of Spring Steel Strips. Any challenging assignment which means import substitution would particularly interest us.

Our circlips are widely used in Automobiles Industries & Bore

General Information

OUR PRODUCT RANGE : Dowel Pins, Spiral Dowel Pins, E-Clips, Circlips, Disc Washers, Shim Washers, Bearing (Wave) Washers, Belleville Washers, Star Washers, Multi-Teeth Lock Washers, Snap Rings.

SPECIFICATION : As per is and din standards or customer's individual designs and specifications.

STANDARD MATERIALS : All of our products are made out of high carbon cold rolled anneal spring steel en42, en9, en47 and others like stainless steel (SS310, SS316, SS320, SS330, SS420) inconel, brass, copper, etc.

FINISH : Phosphate and oil is the standard finish of most of our products.

DESIGN : All circlips have circumferential grain flow which imparts maximum elasticty and strength. We are well equipped with modern machineries and heat treatment facilities along with testing equipments.

QUALITY CONTROL : Our aim is to provide the highest quality at a competitive price. Our products are thoroughly inspected right from the stage of selection of raw materials to the finishing.